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M eredith Cooper is an award-winning painter and graduate of the National Art School Sydney. An avid bush walker, she is inspired by the drama and diversity of the Greater Blue Mountains wilderness, which evidently has provided her with a rich source of inspiration. The cool temperate rainforest, sandstone canyons and diverse waterways of the region have been reoccurring themes throughout her work. Although referencing site specific locations the interpretation is deliberately imaginary and idealised,with the intention to create atmospheric works that emphasise harmony with the natural world.

‘Through her ongoing painting of the cool temperate rainforests and waterways of the Blue Mountains, M A Cooper highlights our innate connection to the natural world. These cool blue-green atmospheres afford us an opportunity to contemplate the consequences of human culture on the environment. Yet Cooper’s eco-critique is sublime rather than strident. Her practice represents an enduring personal awareness, and a deep spiritual engagement with the unique environments of the Blue Mountains. The work reflects a fundamental yet often ignored, or misperceived human truth – that of our real place as beings within nature, not beyond, or outside it.

Time spent in the artist’s studio reveals a highly technical approach and an adeptness at working in oils, watercolours, and conté. Cooper speaks of creating work in nature and in the studio as evoking metaphors of existence reflecting and reminding us of our collective human condition. Through her articulation of our place within the natural order, this artist demonstrates that she is an emerging artist whose work urges us to pay more attention to our personal life journeys in these complex times.’

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